Emission Repair Facility

At Rick's Auto Service in Reno, NV, we understand that motor vehicles are the considerable sources of pollution and smog that can damage the environment and cause public health issues. Everyone has a stake in limiting the motor vehicle emissions. The need to control the emissions from automobiles increased the computerization of the automobile. Hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen are created during the combustion process and are emitted into the atmosphere from the tail pipe.

Timely maintenance of your vehicle will ensure that it passes all emission tests. This will prove that your car is in perfect running condition. A car which does not blow out smoke and does not make any sort of sound while it is running would add to make this planet a lovely place to live in.

In warm and sunny days, hydrocarbons react with the oxides of nitrogen to create a secondary pollutant, ozone. Ozone causes coughing, wheezing and shortness of breathe, and can bring permanent lung damage, making it a cause of critical health problems.

When computer systems have progressed, they were able to adjust ignition spark timing as well as operate the other emission controls that were installed on the vehicle. The computer was also capable of monitoring and diagnosing itself. The computer will at the same time record the fault in its memory, so that a technician can later retrieve that fault in the form of a code which will help them to determine the proper repair.

Our reliable specialists should be able to handle a variety of cars from different manufacturers be it Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, dodge or a Lexus and produce the best possible results.

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